Hell I've made (leadonyourlips) wrote in fortheloveofhxc,
Hell I've made

Avenged Sevenfold or Atreyu?
Throwdown or Terror?
Twelve Tribes or Misery Signals?
Poison The Well or Remembering Never?
Bury Your Dead or Premonitions Of War?
Eighteen Visions or Bleeding Through?
Scars of Tomorrow or Unearth?
Lamb Of God or Shadows Fall?
Norma Jean or The Chariot?
It Dies Today or Zao?
Underoath or Silverstein?
Agnostic Front or Cro Mags?
Bane or Madball?
Sick Of It All or Warzone?
FFTL or Emery?

For all you houston kids..

This Sacred Tragedy or On A Burning Day?
On A Burning Day or Dividing Crisis?
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