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Spare me the day when I discover a new found low.

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The tentative line-up has been revealed for the upcoming "Sounds Of The Underground Tour", here is how the bill is set to look:
Lamb Of God
Poison The Well<3
From Autumn To Ashes

Norma Jean
Every Time I Die

Strapping Young Lad
High On Fire
All That Remains
A Life Once Lost

Madball will be onboard for the east coast leg of the tour, while Terror will be handling the West coast leg. The Red Chord will also be on the bill for certain east coast markets, while Fear Before The March Of Flames will take on the Midwest and southeastern markets. Himsa will also take part in the trek at select western dates. The tour, which is expected to run June 25th through to late July, will feature numerous rotating slots for a number of the bands on the bill with an average of 25 to 30 minute sets. Headlining acts like Lamb Of God and Clutch are expected to have a 50 minute set, while others will of course have longer performances and non-rotating slots. Advance ticket prices are expected to be under $30 and an official website for the tour is available at


hmm. too bad black dahlia murder isn't coming..that would make it complete. andd symphony in fucking peril!


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