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If You Aren't Dancing, YOUR DEAD

alright... there is hella shit thats gonna be going down here in vegas... many shows coming up..

Who: Bydeathsdesign
And The Hero Fails
For The Record
Conflict of intrest
Divided we Fall
Where: Gameworks
When: Friday March 11th
Time: 7PM
Age: All Ages
Cost: $5
ByDeathsdesign Will be Shooting their Video

Who: Underoath
The Chariot
Fear Before The March Of Flames
Where: Jillians
When: Friday April 1st
Time: Doors at 7PM show at 7:15PM
Age: all ages
Cost: $12

Who: Throwdown
The Chariot
It Dies Today
Cold War
Where: The Roadhouse Casino
When: Wensday March 16th
Time: Doors at 7PM
Age: All Ages
Cost $12

Who: As Hope Dies
Without Prayer
Winds Of Plague
One Mark One Mission
Lynch Thy Beauty
Where: La posta De Acapulco
When: Thursday April 28th
Time: Doors at 7PM show at 7:20PM
Cost: $8

Who: The Extremething 2005
Rise Against
Tsunami Bomb
Brown Eyed Deception
Where: Desert Breeze Skate park
When: Saturday March 26th
Time: Gate at 12PM
Age: All Ages
Cost: $20 at the door $15 in advance

Who: Odd Project
Betrayed by a Kiss
Where: The Roadhouse Casino
When: Thursday March 24th
Time: 7PM
Age: All Ages

Shits gonna be great... get out there and support the fuckin local scene!!!
and you people that dont live in vegas... Ill start posting shows for you.. but reply to this and tell me where you live exactly

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