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Statistics Like Cigarettes

a classic primetime tragedy

The Destroyer
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This is NOT a rating community! If you wish, post pictures of yourself to give everyone a look on who you THINK you are. But, this community is more about views and prospectives of hardcore. Now, as long as you are cool with me, dont start shit(meaning you are cool with all of the members before you, or have a probable cause to be an ass to them), and will bring a good amount of replies, then join... your application should be headed "New Blood" and MUST include:

X(atleast) 5 favorite bandsX:
Xdo you dance at shows?X:
Xif so, type of dance you most enjoy(ie skanking, brawling, windmilling, ninja kicks, ect.)X:
Xdo you drink/smoke? why or why not?X:
Xdo you believe in "god"? why or why not?X:
Xdo you claim to be hxc, or do you just enjoy the music?X:
Xpromote this community in your journal and in a community, and post the linksX:
Xwhy should you be in this community? what sets you apart from everyone else?X:
Xanything else you think we should know before accepting youX:

Also, your entry has to be in lj-cut(Xlj-cut text="______________"X;replacing the Xs with < or >)

you get accepted as long as you are cool

you get banned if I think you should be banned! so... if you are banned, you gotta do something HORRIBLE!!! and that would mean of course... YOU SUCk

promos!!!! biatch!!! copy and paste into journals by doing this: Xa href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/fortheloveofhxc"X Ximg src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v322/vanityxassassin/eljay%20community%20stuff/fortheloveofhxc.jpg"X OR Ximg src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v322/vanityxassassin/eljay%20community%20stuff/1203462a.jpg"X X/aX(subtract all of the Xs and replace them with < or >and pick one photobucket image or the other)

In this community, I want there to be cd reviews, thoughts about what is going on in the world around us, any writing you want to share, band bios and interviews, and just shit along those lines. I want this to be the most KICK ASS community. Cuz alot of those other ones are about how you look, and they diss you for your views. This wont be about dissing views, or shit like that, it will be peaceful argument over them. Thats what I believe hardcores TRUE form is. Is the music, the lifestyle, and the variety of views throughout those who take part in it. Not about the hair styles, the belt buckles, the credibility and all of that shit. But more about the messages pushing to be heard!