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Symphony in Peril
The Whore's Trophy

Symphony in Peril's new album, The Whore's Trophy is by far better than their last album. This album has many great breakdowns and will have everyone 2-stepping. Again they play with a grace that is rarely seen throughout music today, but still I was a little disappointed. Though this album is very good, it hasn't quite reached great. The album has some very good songs on it, my personal favorites are The Whores Trophy parts 1 and 2, Inherent Scars, and a few others, but something still is missing. The screaming does get old at times, and when trying to listen to it before bed, it all just sounds the same, I give this album 8/10.

The Song Remains Insane

Soufly's newly released dvd The Song Remains Insane is a must have for any Soulfly fan. With interviews with all of Soulfly, including front man Max Cavalera, it will give you pretty much all access onto what goes on when they are on the road. There are a few downfalls, and boring slow parts of this dvd, but the concert footage taken from their tours around the world surely make up for it. With hours of live footage, and many different music videos I give this dvd a 9/10.

Yes I got that bored and did some reviews. Well thats all, -Me-
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