blood on glass (glassonwrist) wrote in fortheloveofhxc,
blood on glass


XlocationX:tomball, tx
X(atleast) 5 favorite bandsX:poison the well, fbtmof, it dies today, bleeding through, as i lay dying
Xdo you dance at shows?X:a little im really wana start doin it more cause it is bad ass
Xif so, type of dance you most enjoy(ie skanking, brawling, windmilling, ninja kicks, ect.)X:spin kicks, brawling
Xdo you drink/smoke? why or why not?X:yea i drink and smoke i am trying to quit smoking ciggerats but i like to drink so
Xdo you believe in "god"? why or why not?X:yea i belive in god i guss it is jus how i was brought up
Xdo you claim to be hxc, or do you just enjoy the music?X:both
Xpromote this community in your journal and in a community, and post the linksX:
Xwhy should you be in this community? what sets you apart from everyone else?X:
i jus love hard core music and the life style all together
Xanything else you think we should know before accepting youX:nope
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